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Martin is from Bonn, but has lived in Cologne since 2005. He is really interested in the historical coherences of the city and he is a sucker for the Romans, the Vikings and the German revolution of 1848–49. Martin is looking forward to showing curious visitors of Cologne new facets and perspectives of the city and by the way ensures that driving fun doesn’t come short. When Martin isn’t just riding a Segway, he can be found in his recording studio writing music for film and TV.

Martin’s Cologne tip: Around Decksteiner Weiher there are good opportunities for walking and running



Alexander studies history and sport at the University of Cologne and originally is from the close-by surroundings in Bergisches Land. That is why he already has known his adopted home town Cologne from early childhood onwards and loved it ever since. Alexander is very interested in historical backgrounds of the city and its inhabitants and besides the emphasis on numerous facts, will also tell his guests one or the other anecdote about the Cologne way of life. Moreover, he loves to travel and has already organised and attended bus trips straight through Africa.

Alexander’s Cologne tip: The fantastic view onto the old town from the Rheinpromenade



Sarah works in the media industry, primarily as an actress and head of a casting agency. She is sporty and loves to travel. For several years, she also has supervised travels all over Europe. As she loves her home town so much, Sarah is now touring through Cologne by Segway. She shows her guests the nicest spots of Cologne (including inside information) and gives them an understanding of the "Cologne cheerfulness" with her cultural enthusiasm and vitality.

Sarah’s Cologne tip The Skybeach – a beach above the roofs of Cologne